Terrible Twos Part 1

So my toddler is 2 and the other Sunday I thought, just thought it didn’t even say it to anyone, I think we might have got away with the terrible 2s. This was when he was being a joy to be around. And then Monday morning it all kicks off, tantrum after tantrum, he wants to drive the car, he wants to cook dinner, he doesn’t want fresh mango it has to be dried then he wants the fresh mango after I’ve just eaten it, this results in total melt down (looking back I should not have given in). It’s taken me by shock and I have been giving in. So this week I tried to do as many activities as possible to avoid any more of this. Monday we went swimming, which was going well until my swimming costume broke and the only thing that the swimming pool could lend me that resembled a safety-pin was a name badge saying “Brad the lifeguard”. We were late for the lesson and with the other mums looking at me, obviously I had to say what happened really loud to the teacher so all the mums knew the situation. Then Monday afternoon I let him use the spray mop and his own feather duster he even got 3 bedtime stories! When I finished the day I actually punched the air with joy.

Recently he seems to have got really clever and is playing me and my husband all the time, for example he asked for a chocolate bunny, we said no as he has had a sickness bug, toddler then asks for his temperature to be taken, we do this and tell him he’s fine, he replies chocolate bunny then? What can you say to that because he has just proven he is not ill!

I’ve realised I need to step up my game to the next level. Every time I step up and move into the next phase you need to prepare yourself, this is my strategy:

– Sleep when you can, back to napping when he does in the day
– Tire him out as much as possible, how can he have more energy than us!
– Search the whole of pintrest for ideas to entertain toddler (I have recently realised that a metal steamer saucepan and some pipe cleaners are great source of entertainment)


– Organisation, meals prepared, play dates booked in
– Body combat, however, its a bit more Mr Blobby than Mr Miyagi but I always feel great after
– Wine, if not port left over from Christmas red cabbage
– Born in the 90s playlist on spotify, only if this reminds myself of when I was young and cool(ish)
– Learn to find the funny side of things
– Get grandparents round
– Online shopping for everything, I have accepted that I won’t be able to go to the shops again
– Mummy blogs

I feel this could be a long phase…………….

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