Survival kit

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Every parent has a survival kit in some shape or form, here is mine

– Tea, can’t live without it

– Chocolate, I never used to eat that much, always been a savoury kind of person. I was chatting to a younger, childless, carefree girl the other day and she said “I don’t really drink tea or eat Chocolate” my response was “you’ll replace cigarettes and booze with Tea and Chocolate when you have kids”

– YSL Baby doll mascara, YSL Touche Eclat, Neal’s Yards Wild rose beauty balm, a small rose tinted Vaseline pot, Maybelline eye liner and a small mirror. Continue reading

Its only water, right?


Why do toddlers love water soooo much? Adults don’t love it they use it only for drinking, washing, swimming etc. and don’t feel the urge to see what it looks like on the floor or carpet or pouring it from one item to another. For a toddler water can be used in any situation.
– Drinking
– Pouring from one thing to another, making sure they spill a little each time and when it runs out DEMAND more.
– For ‘washing up’, when he was young I stupidly encouraged helping, but this was a mistake, for him it involves putting most of  the clean things back into the water and pouring water from one thing to another. It did get to the point where I had to do the washing up on the sly, once he heard me and ran into the kitchen and gave me the look of ‘how dare you THINK of washing up without me’ he was quite stroppy! Then he marched off to get his stool, shouting ‘stool, stool’ then he joined me by pouring water everywhere, one good thing is the kitchen cupboards got a clean, every cloud…….

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Good days, bad days

I’ve recently noticed a massive leap in communication with my toddler, it’s just like hanging out with a mini adult that has no cares in the world and no concept of manners but you can’t help to secretly smile inside when things happen.

Amusing things that have happened this week so far ……………..

When he announced he was having a poo in the butchers, I smiled sweetly at him hoping no one else could work out what he had just said.  Continue reading