Good days, bad days

I’ve recently noticed a massive leap in communication with my toddler, it’s just like hanging out with a mini adult that has no cares in the world and no concept of manners but you can’t help to secretly smile inside when things happen.

Amusing things that have happened this week so far ……………..

When he announced he was having a poo in the butchers, I smiled sweetly at him hoping no one else could work out what he had just said. When he was still going through this process whilst crossing at the traffic lights, I scooped him up quickly to avoid delaying everyone’s day because he was having a poo.

When I go to work I say “See you later alligator” , he says “In a while crocodile”. When he did this for the 1st time I felt very proud, then he spied I was using the same bag we use for swimming and he was not happy I was taking it to work, we actually had a bit of toddler version of tug of war, this made me late so a fast paced spotify playlist was required to basically run to the station. Now I have to sneak the bag out without him noticing.

One new obsession that I’m not sure how I feel about is one direction or 1D, if you are down with the kids (literally),  we were watching “dancing” (MTV) and Steal My Girl comes on and he breaks out into, “I know, I know, my guurl, my guurl”, his arms are out, eyes shut in the manner of a member of a boy band being in pain, he seems to particularly like the Harry Styles parts. I was subjected to this 4 times before 8:16am!

I feel I’m using bribery to stop annoying situations on a daily basis. During the 13th hour straight I even tried this tactic with my husband by suggesting that he puts the toddler to bed if he doesn’t stop banging the sofa! After I said this I was thinking I have actually lost it, but we laughed about it.

We are going through the phase of no reigns and some days it works and some days it doesn’t and that day it wasn’t. We were at our local leisure center waiting in the queue (never a good activity for a toddler) and the barrier was open and he ran through then it shut on me, I started to ask the receptionist to open the gate quickly, I found him joining in with a game of badminton, there were polite smiles from the over 50s ladies but really they are thinking that wouldn’t of happened in my day. All the other parents children seem to just stand by them whilst he is off hiding in lockers, trying to open fire doors, running across the sports hall with me running behind shouting.

There are good days and bad days, but I wouldn’t change it 99% of the time.

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