Its only water, right?


Why do toddlers love water soooo much? Adults don’t love it they use it only for drinking, washing, swimming etc. and don’t feel the urge to see what it looks like on the floor or carpet or pouring it from one item to another. For a toddler water can be used in any situation.
– Drinking
– Pouring from one thing to another, making sure they spill a little each time and when it runs out DEMAND more.
– For ‘washing up’, when he was young I stupidly encouraged helping, but this was a mistake, for him it involves putting most of  the clean things back into the water and pouring water from one thing to another. It did get to the point where I had to do the washing up on the sly, once he heard me and ran into the kitchen and gave me the look of ‘how dare you THINK of washing up without me’ he was quite stroppy! Then he marched off to get his stool, shouting ‘stool, stool’ then he joined me by pouring water everywhere, one good thing is the kitchen cupboards got a clean, every cloud…….

– Puddles, yes this a big one, so the rules of puddles,
If you have wellies on and a waterproof suit on, go for it, you can swim in a lake of you like because everything (maybe not the socks) will be dry once I have removed the trawler man suit.
If they just have wellies on, gentle splashing is allowed but heavily supervised.
If only shoes on maybe you are allowed to walk through them slowly. This now turns into mission impossible as I assess the pavement for those little puddles glistening in the sun, I always  look ahead to try and plan various distractions, you have to be quick thinking on this, however when he sees a puddle he is in the puddle zone so there is no hope.
– Ice cubes, we once kept him entertained at a wedding with him eating ice cubes for a good half an hour.
– Water and straws, this blows their minds, I’m always grabbing straws in cafes so I can whip them out at any potential tantrum moments.
– Hoses, literally every time we are in the garden the question is asked ‘turn it on?’ If it doesn’t get turned on, it’s straight to the watering can, all you can hope for is that it hasn’t rained!
– Buckets, at my friend’s house they have a bucket under their water butt, straight over every time, adding leaves, sticks, stirring, once this has run its course usually the whole leg goes in maybe the face, once every option has been explored its tipped over which creates a puddle, it’s like buy one get one free.
He loves getting wet in any way he can apart from he never wants to get in the bath, how does that work????

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