Survival kit

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Every parent has a survival kit in some shape or form, here is mine

– Tea, can’t live without it

– Chocolate, I never used to eat that much, always been a savoury kind of person. I was chatting to a younger, childless, carefree girl the other day and she said “I don’t really drink tea or eat Chocolate” my response was “you’ll replace cigarettes and booze with Tea and Chocolate when you have kids”

– YSL Baby doll mascara, YSL Touche Eclat, Neal’s Yards Wild rose beauty balm, a small rose tinted Vaseline pot, Maybelline eye liner and a small mirror. I never used to buy expensive products before I had a kid, I just used to spend all my money on going out and eating. But now I need them, the Neal’s Yard Wild rose beauty balm is a life saver, it does so many things, I use it every night around my eyes and just on the top of my cheek bones, the bit that if you haven’t slept for 2 years it looks dry and wrinkly and if you pull it stays there instead of bouncing back. Also you can use it as a great facial in the bath, it comes with a muslin cloth that you can use to open your pores, then add a thin layer of this on your face and relax, reading what ever you fancy in a hot bath, leave this on for about 20 mins or when you can’t take the beads of sweat coming down your face any more. Then remove with the muslin cloth and your skin feels amazing, do this once a week and it does wonders. Touche Eclat , I don’t think I need to say anything about this apart from it makes you look like you have had 8 hours sleep instead of 4. Also if you purchase it from John Lewis on Oxford street there is a very attractive man called Reggie that serves you ( imagine Idris Elba’s twin but Reggie dyes his hipster beard). Babydoll mascara, I got a freebie with the Touche Eclat and haven’t looked back (I’m a marketing person’s dream!) I don’t need to use eye lash curlers, it doesn’t end up down my face by the end of the day, it even stands the test of a swimming lesson with a toddler. Maybelline eyeliner, I only put this on to go to work and on the odd occasion I go out, its great for applying on trains at high speeds, it doesn’t smudge, job done. Tinted vaseline, an essential cheap wonder, easy to use.The Mirror, without this none of this would be possible.

– My mummy fringe, I love my mummy fringe, it makes me feel like I’m still a little bit cool. When I decided to have it done I felt I had made a mistake as a high maintenance hair cut and a child??? but we have learnt to let the fringe into the daily routine, my fringe has its own fringe brush that goes everywhere with us, gas hair straighteners at work for any emergencies. Whether my hair is straight, curly, up or down it works, so the fringe is here to stay.

-Exercise, I used to do this before I had a child but badly, I would go to the gym then reward myself with wine, food etc, so it wasn’t really working. Now I’m a changed person, I’m getting obsessed, I use to run and I lost the baby weight quickly, but since then I have developed a bad back from this and from wearing a toddler on my hip, so I can’t run any more, which I was really gutted about. I have now discovered body combat, body pump and high intensity aerobics. I’ve gained a lot of body strength that has helped me with energy levels and general running about. I also really enjoy my “me” time, I mostly do the classes early early morning or in the evenings but its a way of relaxing for me as I punch, squat, kick, jump the stress away.

One thought on “Survival kit

  1. Roxxroxx says:

    I will have a good think about my survival kit. I wonder what it would be? I am TOTALLY with you on the toucheclat (except I use a nars concealer) as I look as tired as I feel without it. I ought to use some more moisturiser too. Hmm. Will get back to you 🙂


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