Handy tips not so handy tips

Some thing’s work, some thing’s don’t, here’s my list

Things that work

– Freezing Yeo valley tubes yogurts, we are currently passing these off as ice cream.
– Freezing nearly going off fruit for smoothies –  I may make a smoothie one day …..
– Clean yogurt pots for paint pots – I find these great if you just want to use one colour of paint.
– Toucan boxes (toucanbox.com) are a great idea, they post you a craft kit every couple of weeks. It’s aimed for children 3+, we did give it a try but I think I will wait until he is a bit older. The kit had everything in it and was good fun doing it. We made a parrot and a treasure map, it even included a tea bag to stain the treasure map.

– Cutting out pictures out from old birthday/Christmas cards pictures, we use them to make new pictures.
– When on country walks, from the start collect sticks for pooh sticks when you get to a bridge, saves pulling apart a tree.
– An empty hand wash bottle seems to be the favourite bath toy at the moment, pouring water in and out of the bottle and squirting water everywhere!
– When playing with Lego, I get him to put all the colours into different piles then build various planes, trucks etc.
– Hang out with your mum loads, it’s great.
– Mini Boden sales, you can pick up bits really cheap and they really last and wash well.
– Naked bars (aka monkey bars in our household) 1 of your 5 a day.
sticky9.com is a great way of displaying your Instagram photos as magnets, I’ve got mine on my fridge but planning on sorting a magnetic board in the kitchen along with photo albums I have been meaning to do for the last 2 1/2 years. They are £9.99 for 9 pictures, quick service and the quality is good.
Things that don’t
– Supermarket shopping. Especially after they already found the “distraction” snack and eaten it before we have got in the supermarket.
– Teething, this is definitely not working for us, very moody toddler must be very painful so kinda understand.
– Saying you have lost the dummies, this is apparently a successful method for others, for us this only resulted in a lot crying and receiving looks of ‘how could you be so stupid?’ and ‘I now question you as my mum forever!’ When we tried suggesting the Dummy fairies are coming this just stressed him out for a week, with the thought of it, so they didn’t visit. We have come to a comprise that he will only have the dummy in his cot, this seems to be working, until Christmas …. when the dummy fairies (aka evil flying people that steal his favourite thing in the world) will come.
– Trying to walk past the miniature railway in the park…… Massive tantrum, surely they should have a warning sign before you turn the corner??? Come on help us out.
– Toys on their level in shops, obviously this is a marketing thing but seriously lock those toys up!! No one is enjoying this, my toddler enjoys the toy then it turns into a tantrum as they can’t have anything, both myself and shop assistant are waiting for someone to break, who is going to win? If something gets broken the shop assistant has won as I have been forced to purchase a shit toy that breaks, if nothing is broken I’ve won, yay! See we’ve risen to your shopping tricks!

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