Thomas day out


A couple of weeks ago we went to a Thomas day out day at Spa Valley Railway, it was great we boarded a steam train and went for a little trip along the tracks. The trains are dressed up as the characters in the books with convincing faces on the front of them. The fat controller was there chatting to all the kids, mainly scaring them, and when you think about it he is not the nicest man in the books.


Myself and my mum were excited – geeks!

We all waited for the train, when it pulled up to the station it was pretty good, all the kids where amazed, our tickets where checked and we got on the train. Whilst we were going up the tracks we saw diggers, sheep, rivers, other stations, there was loads to look at. On the train they also had a balloon man and a magician which all the children loved.  Once we got off the train we went into the train shed, this was great there was loads of trains, games, train sets, colouring, face painting, displays of shunting carriages and the main man Thomas and our favourite Percy. We had a great time and they do them all over the country I would say it is a great day out.

IMG_0674              IMG_0687

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