The simple things I miss.

Birthday photo

One of the many birthday celebrations!

I realised the other day that I actually couldn’t remember what time I would have lied in on Saturdays before I had a child. Obviously I would have been a little hangover but nothing too much as I did n’t want to waste the weekend, so that was the theory but many of my weekends where 1 day in bed, 1 day drinking and then being a bit fuzzy till Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong I had (and still have ) a great life, a job I enjoyed (and still do), working hard to achieve career goals, lived in the city and by the sea, met lots lovely people and free to do what I want.

The simple things I miss

– Getting up on your time, I loved sleep always having afternoon naps at weekend, at one point I was sleeping from 10pm – 8:30am every day, 10 1/2 hrs a night!

– Being bored, I actually miss forcing myself to do something to stop boredom

– Not having a structured plan for the day around someone else

– Having the option to go to the gym whenever I liked, but I rarely went but I liked having options

– Boozy lunches that turned into going to bed at 3am, especially on a sunny day when you live near the sea

– Knowing its your birthday coming up and organising a weeks worth of celebrations

– Going to supermarket alone and browsing

But as much as I miss these things there is no lie in, drunken night, event, holiday that can beat creating a baby. It still amazes me that I have grown a human inside me, given birth! fed, loved and nurtured another human. Its hard work, as we all know but when I come up against a challenge I always say to myself, “you gave birth, you can do this”, nothing really phases me like it use to apart from now its a crazy fun learning curve on how to raise a child! and there is no black and white on that, it just feels like lots of grey areas depending on tantrum levels.

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