I do it my way ………….

So the other day I was thinking I wonder what goes through his head and this is what I came up with.


As a toddler I can do the following at anytime, day or night because its all about me…….

– I can get up when I like and if they don’t get up I will just have a tantrum.  If I get tired in the day I will just have a nap.

– If mummy is sleeping she really likes it when I run my finger across her eyebrows and eyelids, it seems to be a peaceful way of waking up her up.

– If it’s not my idea, I’m not doing it.

– When I’m a bit tired mummy has to carry me at all times and I’ m not going in the pushchair.

– I love a cafe because this means I get cake.

– I love my scooter but I don’t want to take it anywhere as it means I might have to share it.

– I can only eat off adult cutlery.

– I only eat my dinner if there is some sort treat at the end of it, depending on the level of the treat, for example ice cream would mean 1/2 of my dinner is eaten, Cheesecake would mean all of my dinner is eaten.

– Regardless of the weather I can pick what I want to wear.

– I love my dummies, they are the best things in the world, I’m still trying to block out the dummies fairies possible visit.

– I love licking shop windows, the cold feels great against my tongue.

– If I say chocolate very slowly, tilt my head to one side and lift my shoulder,I usually get chocolate (however this hasn’t been working as well as it use to).

– My favourite and instant answer to everything is No! with a sulky face, even if it its something I want to do.

– I hate getting in the bath but once I’m it I love it and I never want to get out.

– I will only sleep if I have 3 bedtime stories minimum and we must cuddle for 20mins before I can consider going to sleep.

– I need to know what the man across the road is doing, the little girl on the swing, the lady in cafe, everyone is doing something and I need to be involved.

Friday Frolics

7 thoughts on “I do it my way ………….

  1. Mess stress and fancy dress says:

    I once remember seeing my daughter totally torn. She wanted to go to the park, but she didn’t want to put her shoes on. It was a horrendous situation and I was entirely unreasonable forbidding a 10 minute walk to the park in bare feet. I even got a happy land car thrown at me in disgust. And really, whats with the licking? Both of mine have been lickers. Great post! #fridayfrolics

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