Liebster Award

I have been nominated by, @lazyhousewifeUK to complete the Liebster award, this is a way for new bloggers getting to know other bloggers and vice versa. I love doing these kind of things so here it goes.


The rules are as follows!

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Post the Liebster Award badge on your blog.

3. Write 11 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 4-11 bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

5. Answer the 11 questions posted by the blogger that nominated you.

6. Write 11 new questions for your nominees.

Here are my answers to the questions from@lazyhousewifeUK

1. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?

At the moment I’m working my way through desperate housewives, I gave up after series 2 the 1st time round but now I’m up to series 4. I watch it in a whole different light now I’m a housewife and mum but thankfully there is less drama in my life! Continue reading

How to balls up potty training in 9 easy steps

IMG_20081. Start a reward chart that’s way too small for the stickers you have brought, who would have thought a human could wee that many times in one day. Give up on the chart after 2 days and just give them all the stickers to stick on at once.

2. Suggest a treat every time they have a wee, this leads to them eating loads of chocolate and watching a lot of tv.

3. If you’re child is dry in the night for a whole week don’t think your child is incredibly advanced, as a week later you will be up every night between the hours of 2/3am changing a wet bed or trips to the toilet. Continue reading