How to balls up potty training in 9 easy steps

IMG_20081. Start a reward chart that’s way too small for the stickers you have brought, who would have thought a human could wee that many times in one day. Give up on the chart after 2 days and just give them all the stickers to stick on at once.

2. Suggest a treat every time they have a wee, this leads to them eating loads of chocolate and watching a lot of tv.

3. If you’re child is dry in the night for a whole week don’t think your child is incredibly advanced, as a week later you will be up every night between the hours of 2/3am changing a wet bed or trips to the toilet.

4. Don’t presume that just because they will wee in potty they will poo in it too.

5. Ask everyone’s advice and ignore it as you can’t bear to watch your child hold in a poo for days because they only feel comfortable doing it in a nappy.

6 . Kid yourself that they will just start doing a poo in the potty one day and that putting on a nappy is no big deal.

7. Remove a wee filled potty as soon as, otherwise wee could be trod all over the place in tiny foot print shapes.

8. Don’t drop the toddler down the toilet when holding them over it.

9. Constantly question yourself that you are pushy parents as you potty trained ‘too soon’, is there really a right time? Too late or too early who knows.

 Good luck!

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