I’m very excited and grateful to be having another baby – another little one to nurture and look after. This time around I’ll know what to expect when we bring the baby home from the hospital, both the good and the bad. Anyway, I will worry about the latter in about 4 months time.
At the moment I’m dealing with being pregnant again, which for the first 12 weeks I just ignored, really. Instead I focused on trying to hide my growing bump, which was relatively easy as no one would actually think to ask outright about any weight gain. Lying was the simplest way forward – well, that and baggy clothes.

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Happiness is a leopard print changing mat: Review Changing bag Tiba + Marl

 At the beginning of 2016 I will start life as a mum of two, to a newborn and an active toddler, to prepare myself for this I have decided I need a good rucksack, so I can be hands free and move quick! I was looking for something a bit different for a while then I came across the Elwood backpack by Tiba and Marl, this a new company formed by two mums that were previous buyers at TopShop and Kurt Geiger. I ordered the Tiba and Marl Elwood rucksack in Leopard print and it comes with the following


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Mummy and Daddy the Sun has come up! Gro Clock Review

Many parents will relate to struggle that is sleep. Whether it’s getting the little one to snooze a full 4 hours in a row, or adjust to a 6.00am start rather than the 5:30am (or God forbid even earlier!), bed time, for some, is a battleground where only the strongest of wills survives.

We have used every trick imaginable – from changing napping patterns in the day, to pushing back bedtime, to no naps – trying out different theories in order to reach that holy grail of 7 to 7 sleeping. If you can name it, chances are we have tried it. Despite our most herculean efforts, we were always up at 5am. Daily. It’s seriously depressing when waking up at 6am is now considered a lie-in.

Then, a friend of mine recommended a Gro-Clock. A little gadget by the Gro company (Link: that helps to sleep train young children.


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Potette plus review: For stress free potty training

When we first started potty training our toddler, Joe, I ended up staying indoors for a full day or so. Stressed out by the constant mad-dash between activities and the toilet, we ended up confined to our home.

I happened to be meeting up with my sister, who had potty trained two children and was working on her third and youngest that same week. We were out and about when my niece said the magic words. My sister immediately produced a PotettePlus – a foldable, plastic and child-sized toilet seat with plastic legs that could just as easily be placed on the ground in a park as on the average toilet seat. Continue reading

Going out with a toddler is like playing Russian roulette

Russian roulette is a potentially lethal game of chance in which players put a single round (tantrum) in a revolver (toddler), spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger (releases the tantrums).

I sometimes get nervous about a “simple” trip out with my toddler, mainly when there are people who don’t have children and you are trying not to be judged as a bad mother. As the years have passed I have become more relaxed about what people think or I just don’t care anymore, not sure which one. So what I’m saying is going out with a toddler is like playing Russian roulette, you are putting your life in your own hands.

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