Potette plus review: For stress free potty training

When we first started potty training our toddler, Joe, I ended up staying indoors for a full day or so. Stressed out by the constant mad-dash between activities and the toilet, we ended up confined to our home.

I happened to be meeting up with my sister, who had potty trained two children and was working on her third and youngest that same week. We were out and about when my niece said the magic words. My sister immediately produced a PotettePlus – a foldable, plastic and child-sized toilet seat with plastic legs that could just as easily be placed on the ground in a park as on the average toilet seat. It was perfect! Without kicking up a fuss, my niece sat on the plastic doughnut, had a wee and walked right off. Done!

Every potting training story is different, of course. With Joe we were finding we had two main issues. The first issue was finding a toilet each and every time we were out. The second challenge was having to hold him over the toilet seat so that he wouldn’t fall through The Hole. On a couple of occasions, it was clear to us that he just didn’t feel secure on the adult toilet seat, and just refused to go. The PotettePlus, I decided, is exactly what we needed to give our family back its freedom and break loose from our bathroom bonds!

As soon as possible, I ordered a PotettePlus and liners, which must be ordered separately.

When we received it, I originally intended to use the PotettePlus as a safety net for those days when we are out on errands and toilets are just too far and few. The seat just about fits into Joe’s bag, and is light for travelling. It’s also simple to use. Where a toilet isn’t available, you need only pull down the legs attached to the plastic ring, hook a liner bag on and push it in to form a makeshift bowl. Inside the bag is is pad with little green frogs drawn on. My toddler finds it particularly hilarious when I encourage him to “wee wee on the frogs”, gives us a laugh, alleviates the pressures of potty training and works like a charm.  Once the deed is done you just take the bag off and dispose of in the same way as a nappy.

One thing I would say is to make sure the bag is properly hooked on and the legs are clicked in. The only time the porta-potty has proved tricky thus far was on a pebbly beach. Rough times!


The PotettePlus has been a hit with our toddler.  It’s so convenient that we are now using it at home, pulling out the sides and placing it atop the toilet seat – sans the liners – so that Joe feels secure.


The PotettePlus has proved to be a time and sanity saver for us!  I definitely recommend it for anyone wanting a smooth transition from nappies to loos. For more information on, you can visit their site at http://potette.com/. If you have any toilet training tips and tricks, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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