12 great things about being a parent


1. If he eats a carrot stick I feel like I have basically been awarded the bafta for the best mum ever, even if it is being dipped in daddy’s BBQ sauce, he is eating raw veg!

2. Listening to him sing, the other morning we had a rendition of the hokey cokey, missing a few words but the right leg was in out in out and shaken all about.

3. Everything is a trick, “mummy look at my trick” this could be dancing to a song which means spinning around but keeping his head centred at all times like he should be in Fame. Jumping from one object to another like a silent ninja and using the bed as trampoline. 
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12 ways to cope with a sick child at night 

 It is the season for high temps, 24 hour bugs, as our children enjoy sharing their germs at pre school, play groups and school.

On average a child gets 8 colds a year! We had 1 already, 7 more to go, this is how we cope.

1. Accept that you are not going to get anymore than 2 hrs sleep in a row, and reschedule all plans for the next day/s.

2. If possible sort out a tag team system with partner, break up the night so you both can get some sleep. Other factors to consider are who is working, who has had that 1 night out planned for 6 months, who is going to do the general stuff including, thinking about do we need to get food? Who is least tired? Or who looks most acceptable to enter society?

3. Lots of dummies to hand. Stash them in bedrooms, bathroom, downstairs, upstairs and pockets.

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