12 ways to cope with a sick child at night 

 It is the season for high temps, 24 hour bugs, as our children enjoy sharing their germs at pre school, play groups and school.

On average a child gets 8 colds a year! We had 1 already, 7 more to go, this is how we cope.

1. Accept that you are not going to get anymore than 2 hrs sleep in a row, and reschedule all plans for the next day/s.

2. If possible sort out a tag team system with partner, break up the night so you both can get some sleep. Other factors to consider are who is working, who has had that 1 night out planned for 6 months, who is going to do the general stuff including, thinking about do we need to get food? Who is least tired? Or who looks most acceptable to enter society?

3. Lots of dummies to hand. Stash them in bedrooms, bathroom, downstairs, upstairs and pockets.

4.Prop up the pillow end of the bed by putting a towel under the head of the mattress which stops the snot running down their throats.

5.Take all drugs upstairs including 2 calpol syringes, keep a little bit of paper to jot down times of drugs taken as sleep deprivation will take over at some point and walking will be an effort.

6. A sick bowl is to be left by their bed, also clear the runway from bedroom to bathroom of anything that might be puked on, for example a washing basket with clean clothes that have sat there for a week. Towels on the banister. I have been known to put a sheet down to save the carpet when projectile vomit has happened. Clear all small toys including Lego, toys cars etc anything that if trod on in the middle of night would be painful.

7. Cup of water, usually a sippy cup, anything that is not going to cause spillage in the darkness.

8. Be prepared to make yourself a bed in your child’s room, stack up pillows and blankets. Put your warmest pjs but not your best as no doubt they will be covered in puke, snot and tears. Include big socks. Also put your hair up, to avoid smelling of puke etc, depending on how long it lasts who knows when you will be able to wash it again.

9. Thermometer to check temperature.

10. Magazine or an iPad outside child’s room, many a time I have laid half in half out of the room with the landing light on, a perfect time for reading blogs, online shopping. Multi tasking at anytime is what we are good at.

11. Packets of baby wipes everywhere so can be reached at all times.

12. Be prepared to be puked on, weed on, and snotted on. You will need to give lots of big hugs and singing songs to try and help calm them down.

When the temperature has gone reward yourself with everything (wine, chocolate, sleep etc) and just think another cold is done, their immune system has stepped up another level, yay, only 7 more colds to get through this winter.

Good luck!

9 thoughts on “12 ways to cope with a sick child at night 

  1. Anna Brophy says:

    And it’s always those nights that you are truly shattered and desperate for a proper sleep. Poor little kids. I hate the night coughing…especially the times that they are actually asleep, but you are lying awake worrying…cough cough…nearly asleep…cough cough… AWAKE! Amen for smartphones! #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

    • Everything is a phase says:

      Oh yes the worry is the worse, once he was delirious so I put the alarm clock on to check on him when calpol had warn off as he had a high temp! X


  2. anothermuminlondon says:

    Soooooo right!!!! My 2 have had the following in the last 3 weeks: Chicken pox X2, hand foot and mouth, flu vaccine side effect cold and a full on snot cold. Oh good Lord please let us be germ free now!
    And yeh I’m totally with you on the 2 calpol syringes upstairs. I have been known to fill them up in preparation!
    Just last night I was rubbing baby Vics on the 3 year olds feet and chest to try and clear her blocked nose. Kids and germs suck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Caro | The Twinkles Mama says:

    Aargh — last year in November — the boys started nursery and we literally had back to back bugs until around March/April time. It was so hard. Twin babies, tag team illness. YUK. One tip I do have is rub Vicks on their feet then pop socks over the top. It’s a great way of stopping them coughing in the night! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us at #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

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