Our favourite books 

 I’ve been a book pusher from a young age with Joe. I quite enjoy the escapism as well as reading all classics that I remember reading as a child and have tried to pass this on, here is our favourites list

The tiger who came to tea – This is such a great book as I think Joe’s imagination would stretch to this actually happening!

Mog– We love a mog book, she always comes good in the end and gets an egg.

Stickman– This a new one to us but thought it would be a great book to lead into Christmas. This is a lovely book with his stick lady love and stick children, I will never look at a stick again in the same way.

Goodnight digger – Short but sweet, great rhyming and we always shout goodnight digger!!!

A stitch in rhyme  – This is an old book and basically has every nursery rhyme going, many a night I have been forced to sing the 56 ryhmes in there. If you need to know a ryhme I’m your girl/mum (not too sure if I could pass for a girl anymore)

Thomas and friends – This is mainly a Joe and daddy book but always makes me laugh as Joe makes up names for random animals in the pictures, mainly they are all called Joe.

Grufflo– This took a bit of time to read as Joe used to get quite scared but he said he is braver now so it’s a firm favourite.

Dig and Dug – the most useless builders ever but they do have to decanter large amounts of fruit from a forklift to tractor, tractor to dumper etc. Joe loves it!

What are your favourite books?

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