Maternity leave part 2 – it’s going to be ok 

  The 1st time I went on maternity leave I was pretty scared. My last day at work I downed a couple of pints of Guinness (for the iron levels) and cried alot as I knew nothing was ever going to be the same again and left wondering if I was ever going to be part time working mum? However I did make it work and I am a part time working mum and it’s hard but it works well. Everyone has their own choices and needs they have to meet to survive and mine is working. I do 3 days a week and have job share situation, in those 3 days I’m motivated, relaxed and enjoy talking about other things than children, I even might have the odd pint at lunch and this satisfies my needs to be me.

The 4 days I’m at home with Joe, we are swimming, going on play dates, cooking, craft making, day trips etc. I absolutely cherish this time with him and he loves it too. However by Tuesday afternoon we  both have had enough of each other and he is ready for the childminder and I’m ready for work and to enter the adult world again.

I’m actually really looking forward to the 2nd maternity leave as I get to raise another human being that we made, how amazing is that??? Obviously I’m totally aware of how hard it’s going to be and myself and husband have already written off the 1st 6 months, there will be tantrums, petty arguments, deliberate sabotage by the toddler, diasterous day trips where you just give up and go home and hours of sitting in the car with sleeping children in the back out of desperation, but I’m ready for it and I know everything is only a phase, the one thing I tell myself everytime there is a tired moment, tantrum and parenting dispute.

I think I’m going to cherish those little moments abit more and accept my baby is not going to sleep through the night at 10 weeks but I’m going to give it a good try. I’m not going to beat myself up about choices I’ve made and I’m going to continue to lean on my mummy friends for advice as we are all in this motherhood thing together.

Get back to excising as soon as possible as this is great way to keep energy levels up. Eat abit healthier, maybe not so much cake. I need to get back into those ridiculous skinny jeans I brought just before I fell pregnant with number 2.

Obviously not everything runs to plan but I’m up for it and excited, I’m sure I will be taking this all back in a couple months!!!

2 thoughts on “Maternity leave part 2 – it’s going to be ok 

  1. housestillstanding says:

    Good luck! I definitely cherished the little moments more 2nd time. It goes even faster when you are busy with a toddler too but I knew not to rush to the next stage and just enjoyed cuddling my baby while they’d let me. The gym and diets can wait 😉

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  2. debzhole says:

    This is brilliant and so nice to read. Someone said to me recently that child No.1 is tough because they enter an adult relationship and EVERYTHING is new, where as No2 enters an already existing family which is easier to except and more likely to enjoy. Tough yes but you know you e done it once so are prepared to do it again!!! Go for it xxx

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