The waiting game…2nd time round

┬áThe waiting game …… 2nd timeround

It’s my 2 nd babys turn to make an appearance and I was hopeful that it was going to come early and quickly however this was wishful thinking.

So far I spent the last 4 weeks doing the following

– Constantly charging my phone and making room for new photos.

– Getting my toddler to push me on the swings as it can bring on labour.

– Daydreaming about boy and girl senarios and ┬áthinking about how it will complete our little family.

-Started sleeping in the day and get up every 2-3 hrs in the night to walk around etc.

– Thought that every twinge is going into labour and contacted everyone I know, this has happened about 5 times, husband keeps reminding me about the boy that cried wolf story.

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