The waiting game…2nd time round

 The waiting game …… 2nd timeround

It’s my 2 nd babys turn to make an appearance and I was hopeful that it was going to come early and quickly however this was wishful thinking.

So far I spent the last 4 weeks doing the following

– Constantly charging my phone and making room for new photos.

– Getting my toddler to push me on the swings as it can bring on labour.

– Daydreaming about boy and girl senarios and  thinking about how it will complete our little family.

-Started sleeping in the day and get up every 2-3 hrs in the night to walk around etc.

– Thought that every twinge is going into labour and contacted everyone I know, this has happened about 5 times, husband keeps reminding me about the boy that cried wolf story.

– If I leave the house with the toddler I have to a responsible adult present at all times.

– Answering texts asking whether I have had the baby and forgotten to tell them, it’s doesn’t annoy me, it just shows people care.

– Felt like a bad mum that I’m not running around still doing everything and have become really lazy.

– Prepared loads healthy meals and have already eaten half of them before the baby has arrived, so have starting eating lots of takeaways instead.

– Curse if I drop anything on the floor.

– Wash everything in the house, cushions covers, sofa covers, pillows, coats, scarves and every blanket going.

– Always walk up the stairs sideways to possibly bring labour on.

– Watch a box set, I did Girls series 4 in 3 days.

– Live on the wild side of life and drink 3 cups of caffeinated tea a day maybe even with a sugar.

– Reassure your toddler that you too would love the baby to come today so he can have a sleepover at Grandmas.

– Constantly worry about where stuff is and will you have time to get the final bits in your hospital bag for example headphones, hair straighteners, full well knowing when the time comes you are not going to give a shit.

– Plan a weight loss programme for after the baby is born and when you are going to be able to fit in excercise classes once a routine has been established.

– Day dream about getting drunk and going out and being child free for 24hrs.

– Organise child summer gatherings with friends, plan possible menus for bbq.

– Fine tweak the birthing playlist everyday with a new song, delete some songs that have already started to annoy me.

– Secretly dread the birth, thinking about actually how painful it was and the aftermath of the following 6 weeks.

– Purchase alternative sleeping options for husband as someone has got to get sleep in the house, this is not a permeant option, everything is a phase but needs must to survive the 1st couple of months.

– Pre up on baby classes with and without toddler. Start thinking about a bit of timetable of classes, visiting friends etc.

– Drink alot of tea with other mums talking about mummy stuff sharing birthing stories etc.

– Keep reminding yourself that you should enjoy this time as your not sleeping for a year at least after this.

– Take alot bump shots.

– Post alot on social media.

– Reflecting on the journey I’ve have taken to get here and give myself a pat on the back because I have grown a whole human inside for 41 weeks, that’s not far off a year, that definitely deserves some wine/chocolate.

She arrived 40 weeks and 6 days and chaos has began …..

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