Winging it with the bouncy chair-1st 6 weeks with a baby and threeanger 

   We are 6 weeks in and we have broken the camels back if not the camels back mine has. It always amazes me how you wait for your baby to arrive and every hour you are wishing it away, then 6 weeks literally flies by, I was thinking that’s a whole summer holidays gone. And it seems we have forgotten most things from the 1st time but this time it seems a little easier as we know everything is a phase and it does get better and there is so many more good times to come. So far I had forgotten the following …….

– To be thankful for a bouncy chair

– Your baby always needs something as soon as you sit down to eat, so I have refreshed my bouncing the chair with one foot whilst shovelling down food technique very well. I have also mastered rocking the bouncing chair next to the sofa whilst snoozing, I amaze myself how I can nap and still move my arm.

– Your baby wants to feed loads not because they are greedy it’s just because their stomachs are tiny and they need to grow, also means you get loads of milk to stock up for a night out. Ours is particularly fond of a cluster feed, it’s like she is possessed she rootes it out and is head banging like she is in a mosh pit and won’t stop until she is with her beloved boob, this can go on for hours but after she sleeps for a good 5 hours so it’s working at the moment.

-The routine is out of the window, people are coming and going and everytime you try and put your baby down for a nap your toddler is basically walking around downstairs thinking what can he do that will cause the most amount of distruction, for example subtly drawing on walls but hiding the pen so you only notice it a couple of days later, deciding at that particular time he needs to get all the glitter, pva glue out and make a picture for the baby and leaving random piles of crap everywhere. Once you have committed the ultimate sin of rocking your baby to sleep your toddler then puts on his one man band suit on and starts parading round the house like he is in a gay pride procession and the baby is awake again, you give up and just basically hold your baby whilst trying to perform all the usual daily tasks.

– Getting out of the house a full on mission, everyone needs coats,shoes,hats, drinks, nappies, traveling equipment (scooters and buggie), food, dummies, soft toys, blankets, spare clothes, phones, money, monkey, teddy, dummy, wellies, waterproofs and gloves.

– Sleep deprivation, the 1st 2 weeks are a killer, I found swearing a lot quietly the moment I got out bed really made me feel a lot better about the situation. Now I have learned to make use of this time to make Pinterest boards, do the online food shop, purchase a lot stuff from Amazon at 3am, catch up on the news and obviously check all social media apps.You are suppose to sleep when your baby sleeps but ours seems to know when this is and wakes after 10mins however if I’m tidying she will sleep for 2 hrs! So I’ve given up on that idea. The only way I get day naps is to feed then pass over to husband and then he has her for at least an hour until he wakes me up saying “I think she needs a feeding” what he should really say is ” I’m bored now all she wants is you and farts on me a lot”.

– When you dare to feel like you have made a mistake they smile and that can bring a tear to your eye, I’ve grown you, fed you, cuddle you, nurtured you and that one small smile and it’s all worth it, all the tough times are forgotten.

It would seem our baby finds it quite amusing when the toddler is having a tantrum which definitely lightens the mood.

Roll on the next 18 years!


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