My everyday 11am 

For the last couple of weeks I have taken photos of what I’m doing at 11am to show all the fun and frustrating bits of hanging out with a toddler and a baby, here’s how it panned out…img_6949

Day 1, A national trust car park, as a parent you hangout a lot in national trust places being judged by the elderly that have come for a lovely quiet turn in the gardens of a mini stately home, mainly when your child starts running through the flower beds. This is us getting ready in the car park, it can take up to 20 mins, checking, double checking everything, Grace is crying, Joe is shouting to get out or scooting around the car shouting “mummy look at my trick” and all he is doing is just standing on his scooter with one leg out which he does every time but I always reply “wow” like I’ve never seen that “trick” before. So by the time you have got to the entrance you already feel like its been a day trip only to welcomed by a very kind posh woman who clearly is just doing the job to give her something to do and the bridge club is not meeting today, then you are just praying your child doesn’t start singing a song where he has replaced most of the words with bum or poo.


Day 2,Car selfie, we do everything in the car its basically an extension of our house, this photo was waiting for a friend to arrive and debating whether it was too cold for the park or shall we go to soft play where mums can chat and drink tea and kids run about like crazy for a couple of hours, soft play won. Grace gets fed in the car all the time, it’s all about working out when they will need feeding next and where you will be at that point, maybe in a swimming lesson or in the middle of school run so she gets boob shoved in her face at all different times but somehow it all seems to workout in the end.


Day 3, Joe is testing the boundaries by mucking around with stuff that is not for indoor use, this happens all the time but sometimes you have to
pick your battles and this one I wasn’t up for. The naughty behaviour has gone up another level since Grace arrived, but a full on sticker chart is  helping.


Day 4, Doctors surgery waiting room, in the 1st 6 weeks of having a baby I was at the doctors every week, there always seemed to someone who needed to be vaccinated or needed to checked.



img_6706       img_7121

Day 5, Swimming pool changing room, Joe is having a snack after the usual pointless swimming lesson, but we have mastered the jumping in and soaking mummy’s fringe, never a good look, I have to pin it back these days but then it reveals the amazing grey patches, as I’ve said before I hide away from the mirrors in the swimming pool changing rooms.

Day 6, The massive list for holiday (this is only page 1 of 9 so far), I love a list everything is categorised into all different sections, per person, clothes and toys, food, important stuff (passports etc) and then a very short list for myself. I usually spend the next month just having an on going list that I write things down that I will only remember for about 10 seconds and its always that really useful thing like pegs or nail file. Once I’m on holiday I pride myself having everything but the kitchen sink and I’m prepared for every possible scenario.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring …..





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