#gettingbacktonormal my journey losing the baby weight for the last time

This is the last time I’m losing the weight, well that’s what I’ve told myself, no more kids and no more naughty eating.

I’m 4 months into child number 2 and I have started the journey of trying to lose the baby weight. With my second pregnancy I had to stop exercising about 25 weeks as my hips kind of gave up and I was walking very slowly everywhere for about a month and when I mean slow it was ridiculous and just embarrassing at times, especially around the office, anyway after some intense osteopath sessions I did walk again but I rested as I didn’t want to take the risk of further injury. Unlike my 1st pregnancy when I ate pretty much everything in sight I was a bit more careful this time and running around after a toddler kept me fairly fit.

So we hit the 3 month mark and Grace started at the crèche for a couple of  hour sessions a week, the first few times she just slept through the whole thing in amongst all the noise. We have a great crèche at the sports centre, its like handing your baby over to your mum, they are so good and they really enjoy the cuddles, so now she finally takes the bottle (after 6 weeks of trying everyday!) I get a couple of hours to myself to start the long journey.  So I thought I would keep people updated on my progress. I have started an instagram account called #gettingbacktonormal where I post the good healthy meals I eat. I have found this really motivates me to make yummy food that I actually want to eat. I’ve brought Joe wicks Lean in 15 and Alice The body bible and I’m trying out their methods and recipes, also I’m using inspiration from instagram too. I have a lovely brother-in-law who is a personal trainer who has worked out my macros, so I’m ready to roll.

Mums and babies 

I’ve started off slowly at 6 weeks by doing a mums and babies (where I pushed round Grace) as I’m breastfeeding and at 1st I didn’t want to cause any injury. This is a great way to get back into it as you can go at your own pace, the instructor is really good and checks your stomach to see how the muscles are healing. It’s an hour class of circuits, including boxing, steps up, balancing, lunges and Pilates on the mats towards the end. After we’ve had a workout the babies get a turn by playing with a parachute and toys. It’s incredibly social with everyone swapping tips on losing weight or just general baby tips. I do love these classes, its relaxed and if you need to feed you just do it or if your baby won’t settle someone might hold them for you whilst you get in some lunges.

I have now started getting back into standard exercise classes as I find I need the motivation and in the gym I really only ever end up on the running machine which I need to give a miss until my back is fixed by the osteopath and also my joints are still quite soft. So far I’ve done Pump, Combat, Total body workout and Areoblitz.

Body Pump

One of my old favourites, a resistance weights class that focuses on individual muscle groups to music, this is the class that brings back strength and definition, it’s all about technique, the instructors are really good and my class is done in front of a mirror which really helps you see if you are doing it right. The next day you are fine but then 2 days after it hits you but its worth it.

Body Combat

Its pretty full on but if you just need to get some anger out, punching and kicking the air to ridiculously loud music (seems to always be 1 routine to Set you free by N-Trace, always a winner) this is the class for you. I always find half way through I get a real buzz of happiness that will be the endorphins kicking in and I never realised you could sweat from your eyelids. You must burn silly amounts of calories in the this one as I’m bright red after and my glasses steam up. I don’t seem to have any power in my legs any more so my kicks are a bit feeble at the moment but they will get better in time.


This is a new one to me and could be a new favourite again really high energy but this time there are more dance moves in it which I was a bit sceptical about but actually they weren’t that bad and really made the class fun to do, again there was a lot of punching which I like as its seems to sculpt my shoulders. I burnt off 632 calories in one class, now that’s got to be worth it.

Total body workout

I use to do this class when I was pregnant and the instructor was great and always gave me alternative moves. The class is great for a full body workout with interval training to raise your heart rate to keep the burning the fat, then the last 15 minutes is core work on mat. This is an easy class to follow but in no means easy on body a couple of days after.

I am building my fitness up and I always tell the instructor that I have had a baby recently and they are always keen to say do what you can and don’t over do it, which is what I need to keep in mind as this needs to be change of life not a quick fix and also it doesn’t matter if you can’t do every move at least you doing most of it!

Next update in a couple of weeks …………………









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