Mum up

Mum up

Sometimes you have just got to Mum up, you know when you find yourself in those situations that you never thought you would be in and you remember the times before you had children but you Mum up because basically you will do anything for your kids when they need you the most.

Here are some “mumming up” moments for me,

Giving birth, any which way its pretty full on so big mumming up there.

Poo gate, when your baby poos out of the nappy everywhere and you have a wrestle clearing it up whilst your baby keeps spreading it around your/their body, I usually give up and just put her under the shower and the clothes are straight in the napisan for a soak. I regularly think “Seriously how can there by this much poo in my life”.

Showing no fear of injections and acting as if its totally not painful and maybe even be a fun thing that your toddler will love.

Doing something you thought you would never do. My son was having his morning poo playing with his Lego men, I heard “I’ve finished” but I also heard “I’m sorry” I rushed in expecting to find poo everywhere but no, a single Lego man head had fallen in the loo with the poo, not touching the poo but just in the water, his little face as he kept saying “sorry mummy” as he has worked really hard on his reward chart for his Lego men, so I mummed up and saved that Lego man’s head and as I did it I thought the things I do for my kids, obviously washed everything and told him if it happened again the Lego is getting flushed down the loo!

You know the days where it’s not even 9am and you have already been up for 4 hours, dealt with sick, poo and tears. You need a bit of cheering up, I mum up by playing a game where I pretend that the baby can talk. Now I know this sounds a bit strange but honestly try it. This is how it works I ask toddler to brush his teeth, cue standard no way comments/tantrum, now if the baby asks toddler he looks confused then the baby explains that if he brushes his teeth he will get a sticker and more stickers means superheroes and he loves superheroes, toddler walks off and brushes teeth!!!!!! So basically I have to pretend to be a baby to get shit done, not sure if this going to have any long term side effects on their relationship so I’m keeping it the minimum, just in case.

Sometimes I long for the day I will return to work but I know I’m going to miss the chaos. What are your mumming up moments, please share i just admitted to putting my hand down a toilet with poo in it!

2 thoughts on “Mum up

  1. Sorrell Coulson says:

    Brilliant post and major kudos for picking out the lego head!!

    My mumming up moment….

    Laughing off the fact that I’d actually managed a shower and was able to put on clean clothes only to be fired by a projectile pooping session! I’m talking everywhere. Haha. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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