See you in Vegas in 4 years and 67days.

I’d love to come out out but I can’t fit it for 4 years and 67 days.

Once we were free to go and do spontaneous things like go for a quick drink after work that ended up us being the last ones on the dance floor and daylight was dawning, having little to no sleep and then totally smash it at work the next day with tactical puking and naps under the desk or even in tape library 2 on the 3rd floor where it was cosy and warm and where no one rarely went, watching each other’s back to not get caught. Maybe it was youth and the sea air that kept us going. Weekends spent in the sun going from beach bar to old man pubs that were lined with Barbara Streisand pictures and only played show tunes (I’m waving my jazz hands), avoiding the crowds of the hen and stag dos and always ending up somewhere a bit random. The good old days, how I need a day like this to let my hair down BUT no I can’t do that for 4 years and 67 days, this will be the time that my children will be older and I won’t feel guilty leaving them as they will be independent and will want to spread their wings.
I still love you and follow you on Facebook and you look like you are having a great time in the paths you have chosen and yes I really want to hangout again and chat about random celebrities like we actually know them and reminisce about when you went out with that well known comedian and the ins and out of that!

So let’s say Vegas see you in 4 years and 67 days? We can only hope Britney is still playing by then.

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