Contents of Ouch Pouch

When you have Child Ninja’s the Ouch Pouch is essential when out and about.

The Ouch Pouch  has evolved from the product the Spilly Spoon . The Spilly spoon was invented by entrepreneur Mum, Philippa. As a mother of 3 she struggled with the challenge of giving her children medicine and invented the Spilly Spoon. She has won countless awards with this product and it is available worldwide. In 2013 she followed on this success with the Ouch Pouch, a portable first aid kit that fits perfectly in your bag.

The Ouch Pouch is a portable first aid kit that has many handy features.

  • Instruction leaflet, very handy when you are sleep deprived and need some reassurance what you are doing is right.
  • Room for an Epi pen for any children with allergies.
  • A Spilly Spoon, perfect for giving any medicine whilst on the move and this is also easy to clean. Inside the pouch everything has its place in plastic bags so it is all protected from getting wet
  • A 60 ml medicine bottle with a child safe lid, to carry antibiotics with no worries of leakages, this is also under 100 ml so perfect if you are travelling.
  • Forehead thermometer, when I saw this it brought back memories of my childhood when I was trying to get a day off school, my mum would pass me the head thermometer and make me use it and without fail I never had a temperature and always sent to school. There is also a handy Cold vs Flu chart which is a great checklist when you are trying to work out what is wrong.
  • Hand sanitiser, always handy with the amount of leaves, mud and sticks we pick up on our travels.
  • Sterile wipes, again an essential when out and about and need to wipe away the germs.
  • Children’s plasters with animal pictures to hopefully encourage your child to co-oporate.
  • Zgel – which is a soothing gel that is arnica (something I have always found has worked well) based which seems suitable for pretty much every bump, graze and bite.
  • Thermal insulated bag – This is a great feature if you need to keep medicine cool.
  • NAME LABEL – Very important feature with the amount of things that can go missing.

The Ouch Pouch now lives in my bag when venturing out with the children, before I used to have plastic bags with Calpol. With Grace at an age where she is frequently taking tumbles and Joe who loves to climb everything it makes sense and makes me feel very prepared for any parenting situation.

If you would like to purchased the Ouch Pouch click on the link image below

The Ouch Pouch was gifted to me but all the words are mine own.

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