Youngest sibling

The benefits of being the youngest child

As the youngest child you can get a raw deal on occasion, for example:

  • You will probably rarely own anything new (we are still waiting for the red scooter to fade to pink in the sun, that was the cunning plan and it hasn’t quite worked out as hoped)
  • You will have the smallest bedroom in the house
  • You are not allowed to play with older siblings toys as they are not age appropriate and it always causes arguments.

HOWEVER,  all is not lost there is a plus side to being the youngest child….

Your parents have pretty much given into the fact that life will never be the same again. Lie ins are years away, holidays that actually involve reading a book in the sun are simply something they can look forward to in their retirement but they are taking it in their stride and almost enjoying it.

As the youngest child you have access to the “good toys” a lot quicker. Toys have already invaded the house and mainly the age appropriate toys (baby toys) have been whisked away to the charity shop. As the second child you are clearly a fast learner and you would like to play with everything your older sibling has.

Your parents will be a bit sillier and “down with the kids” (not in a De La Soul way) and embrace characters in books and impressions of various TV characters (who hasn’t danced around the front room to Hey Duggee “Stick”). Over the years they have learnt the nursery rhymes, glitter is awesome (errrr) and they have found their inner master builder with Lego.

You can pretty much get away with anything, mainly for two reasons, they are not watching you all the time and are grateful you have learnt to play on your own. Over the years they have learnt  that children are not china dolls and will not break, in fact they will let you bounce off most things.

Bedtimes, don’t waste your time as they won’t come to your unrealistic demands as they made their mistakes before with your older sibling. They do love you but you might as well lie down and enjoy you older siblings wall stickers that have not been replaced and snuggle up to your loyal friend the cuddly toy.

They are not going to make the same mistakes twice as they are professionals at this now. You will have the best changing bag going as this is the only possible item that they need to update. When there is more than one child to look after a rucksack comes into play. You won’t be forced to do any football, singing, dancing classes that you show no interest in as they now know it’s a waste of time and money.

So its not all bad for the youngest child in fact its probably pretty cool 90% of time.

Just in case you missed Stick and you want to feel like you are at rave again…..

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