End of Facebook

Is it the end of Facebook?

Of course it isn’t but in a strange way it’s quite exciting the thought of this……..

In 2004 Facebook launched in the US and it took a couple of years to catch on in the UK. I was already a fan of Myspace and embraced this new social media website along with quite a few others. I had friends that said it was a fad and would never catch on but they have all succumbed to the pressure over the years.

This new fresh-faced website where you could share photos of all the “cool” things you were doing and keep in touch with friends across the world was rapidly growing. It was almost like a lazy friendship in a faster paced world, you didn’t send birthday cards anymore you would just write on someone’s wall or if you fancy catching up with someone instead of actually seeing them you could just check out their profile. I also considered myself a bit of a Facebook detective by strolling through pictures,  have they moved?  Why have they moved?  Have they broken up? Are they pregnant? (lack of getting drunk photos always a sign!).

I have always silently questioned why people don’t have a Facebook account? What have they got to hide? Are they mentally stable? However, these people may have actually been right all along.

Over the last 14 years Facebook has become a part of our daily lives, it’s built communities, it’s built businesses, it’s become a life line to many that might find social interaction hard, it’s become our news channel, it’s become our light entertainment, it’s become where we shop, it’s become our parenting support group and it’s become our diary and social life.

So what would we do if it all stopped?


No, in reality we would just move to another platform…….my money is on VERO.

With the recent news that Facebook has 87 million users and their data has been shared to some level and it could have potentially affected two of the most shocking events in the last couple of years (Brexit and Trump) things have got serious.

A social media website has changed the world, repeat that a couple of times and it sounds pretty scary.

Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for but he needs to get his team to follow-up on that. People say he is actually a robot, there is a strong possibility there. He certainly didn’t want to share what hotel he stayed in or who he lasted texted. Wouldn’t it be great to see what settings the people who actually work at Facebook have on their accounts? Or do they even have accounts??


Photo credit BBC News

Does anyone else feel we have been sucked in and now trapped into paying to promote our content, they dropped our reach, hounding us daily to spend money, defining us as people or businesses by our popularity but then allowing the system to fooled by bots and fake followings.

It’s not all bad there are some positives in there somewhere. I’m going old skool scrapping the iphone and back to Nokia 5160 and spend my days playing snake.  I do secretly feel thankful that Facebook wasn’t around when I was growing up as the pressures are hard enough without social media, but that is whole another blog post in its self!

Let me know your thoughts, there is no wrong or right answer it’s all just opinions.



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