Banning Tv

What happens when you ban TV for a week…..

So the other day when I pulled out what I would like to call “the big guns” I threatened TV would be banned for a week. There was a small sigh from my husband and I was told “you can deal with that”. Now one thing I try to stick too is once you have committed to a punishment you HAVE to go through with it. We both still recall years ago we said to Joe “If you don’t go to sleep you won’t be going to Grandmas and Grandads for a sleepover” and he didn’t go to sleep and we lost out on our childfree time, repeat, we lost our childfree time! We learnt our lesson and never again have we pulled out the “big guns” until now.

Of course after some in-depth thought by Joe he needed some clear rules on how this punishment would work, nothing gets passed this five year old. Firstly he said;

“How will Grace watch TV?”

My answer was “Grace will sit by the TV and you will sit in the other room” ,

“What will I do?” My answer “Play with Lego”.

This is my favourite question and in all fairness he does find it hard to sit still, “How will I sit down? It’s the only way I can stay still.” my answer “Let’s get the Lego out.”

Day 1

Feeling pretty smug, only a little bit of moaning in the morning and then they played with Lego and completed puzzles. I actually should of won “Mum of the year” award today, but to be fair he was at school most of the day so I didn’t actually have to parent too much.

Day 2 (The Royal Wedding!!!!)

Allowances have been made so we can watch all the Royal Wedding. He was actually at a party when the wedding was happening but I made him watch some of this historical moment afterwards, mainly to provide an explanation as to why we were having a street party and all the parents were getting drunk.

Day 3

Parenting skills were low today due to over excitement from the Royal Wedding street party mainly by myself,  a code red hangover was issued, so TV was allowed.

Day 4 

The ban was back on and lots of books were read and more sibling arguments continued. I will never understand why it’s a life and death situation that they both need to sit in the same chair at the same time.  Books are always a winner in our house and my friend with older children had given us some Topsy and Tim books, turns out they are just as annoying as the TV programme however they don’t seem to be moving house constantly.

Day 5  

We gave up ….. I like to think we worked on the basis of a “working week”, I felt the point was made, however I’m not too sure who was being punished, the children or me!

So my conclusion is don’t bring out the “big guns” unless you mean it and consider carefully whether you are actually punishing yourself.

What’s your TV rules?


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