Kids TV

My parenting Room 101

This has always been one of my favourite shows and I quite enjoyed writing this post to let it all out…..

The other foot

I can absolutely guarantee that when I help my children put their shoes on they will always put out the opposite foot for the shoe that I am holding. Every. Time.

The school run

Previous to not having to do the school run I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about, I was young and foolish and now have realised the error of my ways. I drive to get my children to school, I leave approximately 3 hours before they need to start and park 4 miles away just so as not to piss off the “local residents”. The thought of being late literally feels me with dread I am that mum that is there first and I don’t really know why as I’m pretty chilled about everything else it’s just the school run that takes over me! I long to be that parent that runs up at the last-minute and have actually gain an extra 7 hours to their day.


Now if someone had told me about sky plus or even more than four channels that played kids tv all day not just between 3:15- 5:30 and Saturday morning when I was a child it would have BLOWN MY MIND. These days it’s the assumption that there is always something to watch. This is obviously my fault as I have let this happen but I often think in my mind “you two don’t know you’re born” .

Memory like a goldfish 

Occasionally my children will get dressed, brush their teeth, put shoes on and generally do things for themselves. Some days they have forgotten all of these life skills, it’s like they have gone to sleep and this part of their brain has been deleted. The next morning after these life skills have been deleted, I will mention it’s time to get dressed and all hell breaks loose, suddenly legs and arms have stopped working and all knowledge of whereabouts of pants, toothbrushes has been forgotten. However, I have found some casual threats of removal of toys or park visits works a treat for those precious life skills to come back to them.


Every time I let myself get sucked into the Why? game. You would think I would be wise to this game by now but still I fail all the time!

For example;

Me: “Grace can you pop that in the bin?”

Grace: “Why?”

Me: “Because it’s rubbish”

Grace: “Why?”

Me: “Because we don’t need it anymore”

Grace: “Why?”

Me: “Because it’s rubbish”

Grace: “Why?”

Me: (deep breath in) “Do you want to watch Mr Bean?”

Grace: “YES, the baby one, NO, the airplane one, NO, the baby one.”

Which one gets your vote? What’s your room 101?

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