Everyone loves a good wedding


Since turning 30 the wedding season started for myself and the husband, the majority of these were done without children, some pregnant and some with children.

Weddings before having a child you have time to prepare, sort out an outfit, sleep the night before. You seek out fellow party companions, knowing you will be singing “living on a prayer” by 10 pm together. You are the last one standing looking for the next party after the wedding has finished. Once we ended up basically in a scout hut filled with smoke (to the point of not being able to see) and lasers playing intense trance music, claiming to be a night club, very strange experience but always good to have a story to tell. Continue reading

The simple things I miss.

Birthday photo

One of the many birthday celebrations!

I realised the other day that I actually couldn’t remember what time I would have lied in on Saturdays before I had a child. Obviously I would have been a little hangover but nothing too much as I did n’t want to waste the weekend, so that was the theory but many of my weekends where 1 day in bed, 1 day drinking and then being a bit fuzzy till Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong I had (and still have ) a great life, a job I enjoyed (and still do), working hard to achieve career goals, lived in the city and by the sea, met lots lovely people and free to do what I want.

The simple things I miss

– Getting up on your time, I loved sleep always having afternoon naps at weekend, at one point I was sleeping from 10pm – 8:30am every day, 10 1/2 hrs a night! Continue reading

10 Things that keep me sane

1. Working (luckily I do a job share) a chance to wee on your own, drink tea, play mum to some of my work colleagues and try and act like I’m the adult (when did that happen? now I have a child I’m considered to be an adult). Enjoy normal conversations about celebrity bb but I’m actually forcing myself to watch it so I can join in with the conversation (don’t want to feel like I’m out of touch). I try to keep up with all that is cool but I’m not saying things like ‘that’s sic’ because then it would be like I’m trying too hard and that would just be embarrassing.

2. Realising I live in a different time zone to work colleagues/anyone without kids, for example 5am is when they are thinking of finishing up the night my 5am is answering the dummy call. When I ask someone ‘when do they actually play these durex ads I never seen one?’ response ‘that’s because you go to bed too early”. True. Continue reading